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Client Testimonials

California Horse Transport"Glen Wright is a pure proffessional in my books, always on time and his horsemanship is second to none.

I trust him completely in making my horses arrival on any show grounds a safe and successful experience."

-Patrick Seaton, Patrick Seaton Stables (Jumpers)






California Horse Transport"I have known Glenn Wright and his family for almost ten years.  Glenn  has shipped my show horses all over California.  His rigs are in excellent shape, clean and bedded.  He is always on time, readily available and extremely responsible.  I find his prices are very reasonable.  Glenn is a horseman as well, he rides and he can handle even the most difficult horses.  I would not hesitate to have Glenn ship any of my horses anywhere."

-Beverly Jovais, Chestnut Hill Hunters & Jumpers




California Horse Transport"I have been using Glenn Wright since 1998 extensively.  I usually ship between 12 and 25 horses with him at a time.  He's an excellent horsemen, that is conscience, and careful.  You can ask anyone to ship a horse, but since Glenn knows horses so well I know they are in the best hands.  Glenn's patience and ability to read horses is probably because he's been a horseman his whole life.  I know my horses will be comfortable, have tons of room, and carfeully monitored during the trip.  He keeps his rigs in beautiful condition, he's always on time, and very personable.  Our horses are always comfortable. He's just a great guy!"

-Marian Nelson, Riverside Ranch Hunters & Jumpers


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